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It may take some long time to complete the booking process in the orange jails. The arrestee will be sent to the inmate reception centre where the process will be held. It is difficult to obtain the bail bond as a detainee as the process is very long due to the volume of detainees. If you want to understand the bail process or require any further assistance then you can feel free to contact us. The expert agent at our bail bonds orange county company will stand by your side during the bail bond process. The agents are available round the clock to provide the support for the customers. The orange county jail is located just before the Santa Ana police station. You can get more information about the facilities offered in the jail if you contact our agents.

Bail schedule of the county:

The inmates will be transferred to the OC jail if there is a holding facility in the Santa Ana Central Jail. The customers can just contact us immediately if they are interested in the posted bail. The bail bonds are available throughout the day at our bail bonds orange county company so you can contact us if you require any help. There is a variation in the premium bail schedule when compared with the county to county bail schedule. The bail schedule which is set by each county and state is considered to be non-negotiable. The bail schedules are available throughout the state for all the countries. You should be aware of the California bail bond services to understand the cost of the bail bond which is set by the law.

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Purpose of down payment:

The cost to the bail of an arrestee can be found if you set the bail for an arrestee. The illegal bonds are offered at low rates through the California bail bond services. The payment options provided by our company are very flexible to tailor your specific needs. The rate of the bail bond is advertised for the purpose of the down payment without violating the state insurance code. Different types of payment methods are accepted at our company and we will provide financing only for our qualified customers. The agents are available round the clock to provide assistance for the customers. The customers who are satisfied with the services offered by our team can provide feedback on our website.