Powerful Supplements for Long Term Weight Loss

You’ll be leading a bumble bee’s life, fulfilling your college dream and all. Then one day, BAM! You wake you and realize you’re one of the two-thirds of the obese American population.

But no matter how desperate you are, trying everything from nutrition shakes to joining the millions round the globe making in New Year’s resolutions that will amount to nothing, you know one thing for sure – there is no easy path to weight loss.

So, you just know you’ll have to get a gym membership. SOON. And change your diet of course. Regardless of the amount of changes you’ll have to make to your lifestyle, there are some safe and effective dietary supplements for weight loss which you can incorporate into your routine. Such as- Ideal Shape Shake, Isagenix Shake, Ideal shake, GNC Total Lean Shake, Medifast Shake, 310 Shakes etc.

Because the secret to losing weight is not in taking “magic pills” that shed pounds off of you overnight, it’s in keeping that weight down and making sure you don’t gain it back. Some of the dietary weight loss supplements you’ll be seeing can be taken in conjunction with a healthy meal and an active lifestyle for a sustainable weight loss program.

Note that the recommended dosage of green tea extract in this study was 300 mg per day. So, try not to go above this limit to prevent health complications.

Best weight loss supplements – Green Tea Extract

Green tea, in its natural form, is taken by millions around the world because of many it’s many benefits. Some of which include; a wide variety of catechins like EGCG, which have long been known to increase thermogenesis in the body, or fat burning. Now a days detox teas are very popular as best weight loss supplement

Considering these benefits of the green tea on its own, the extract (a concentrated form of green tea) is more benefits packed in small quantities. So that one pill of green tea extract can equal one or two cups of green tea.

Some researchers studying the effect of this extract, found that despite a reduced calorie diet on both the control and placebo group, the control group taking green tea extracts lost an average of 24 lbs more than the placebo group. Thus, showing that the benefits of the extract cannot be understated.

Of course, this research didn’t last long, so the long-term gains have not been studied. Hopefully you should be able to keep your weight down by simply drinking green tea daily, after your meals.

Effective Dietary Supplements for Weight Loss – Garcinia Cambogia

This is a small pumpkin shaped fruit native to South-East Asia and India. It’s a hydrocitric acid (HCA), an acid that prevents your body from storing excess glucose as fat. Because this HCA inhibits fat production, you’re less likely to gain extra weight if your body does not process excess glucose.

Aside from being a lipogenic inhibitor, garcinia cambogia also mimics an enzyme in your body which tells your liver to burn off the fat it has stored.

The recommended dosage for this extract is 1000 – 1500 mg daily.

Long Term Weight Loss

Some Other Safe & Effective Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Even though green tea extract and HCA are very safe and effective long-term weight loss supplements, there are others which are just as effective.

  1. Resveratrol

It’s part of some chemicals known as polyphenols. They’re usually found in plants which use them as defense mechanisms. So even when you confuse plants with this chemical, your body is fights against openings that give opportunistic diseases like heart disease or cancer changes to thrive.

Resveratrol is mostly found in red wines and red grapes. Ergo your excuse to drink wine. If you needed a reason.

  1. Raspberry Ketones & Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans can be soaked and concentrated so that the caffeine as well as chlorogenic acid (lost when coffee is roasted), can be extracted for an effective weight loss program. Raspberry has also been found to slow down glucose absorption in the body, so your insulin can catch up with the influx of carb.


To sum up, weight loss isn’t something you embark on for a bit. It’s a lifelong commitment. As such, you should guard yourself against falling for “get slim quick” schemes that sometimes promise that just one week of their nutrition shakes will shed your excess pounds. As these fast lane supplements usually have adverse side effects.

Try to incorporate more natural but equally effective supplements, like those suggested above, so your weight doesn’t keep fluctuating with the latest diet trends.