Basics and Necessity of a Car Amplifier

The basic need for an amplifier to car audio system is to amplify sound signals from the CD player, radio or other inputs and thus it will power the speakers. Though the quality of the factory provided amplifier may be good but it may be small. An external amplifier is necessary to boost the sound signal and enjoy the each and every detail of the music. According to Amplifier Experts, aftermarket amp will improve quality of the resulting sound. External amps are very powerful than built-in amps.

mono amplifier

Choosing, purchasing and installing a car amp is not so easy.  There are many options in amps. One can buy these amps from a variety of sources like online stores, audio supply stores, electronic store etc., Improper installing of amplifiers may damage other parts of the car also. The amps are very technical and specific devices. So it is recommended to know everything about amplifiers before buying them.

What is the necessity of an External Amplifier?

The main reasons for adding an external amp are:-

  1. Sound quality

Adding an external amplifier can provide you clean power which can drive speakers.  With these sound will be clean and more detailed in almost all levels of volume.

  1. Power for speakers

A factory installed sound system may not be sufficient for upgraded speakers. An amp can provide the required power to run the speakers.

  1. Powering Subwoofers

They, generally require more power than a factory in-dash system can provide. So installing a separate suitable amp is a must.

Basics of Car Amplifier

Amplifier Channels

Usually, amps are classified by the number of channels or number of speakers they can power. A mono amplifier can be used to power one speaker. Two-channel amplifiers to power two speakers and so on. The number of channels required must be known to choose an amplifier.

Amplifier Power

The amplifier power, measured in watts, is the maximum power an amplifier can provide. Be sure to match amplifier output power to the power required by speakers. Too little power can result in distorted sound and too much power output can destroy a speaker.

Amplifier Sound Quality

This will depend on many factors and the overall quality of sound will be determined by other devices as the speakers or the CD player. A low-quality amplifier can inhibit other components from giving their maximum output. According to Amplifier Experts, it is good to select an amp with a large frequency response and low deviation.

Bottom Line

Amps should be checked for their distortion. Lower the distortion, the better the amp is. Quality of electrical work such as wiring, transducers, connection quality and soldering can affect the sound as well. As we cannot check all these points, it is best to buy an amp from best manufacturer.